Episode 45 - The Queen Is Dead, Long Live The King, New Limbs On The Kuma & My Hunting Arrow Finalised


Welcome to Episode 45. Today we have had the heartbreaking news that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away. On the archery front, the new limbs have been fitted to the Kuma and she's more vicious than ever. Pure fluke led me to a perfectly tuned 500gr hunting arrow that does around 290fps and I mull over which range finder to buy ready for the EFAA 3D championships.

Episode 44 - Sitting Down With Friends From Paget To Shoot The Breeze


Welcome to Episode 44 where I sit down with Ollie, John, Nic, Joy and Andy from Paget for my very first round table podcast. The episode also features appearances from our youngest ever guest, 4 year old Lily-Rose, Andy and Nic's youngest daughter and their eldest daughter Chloe. This episode was completely unscripted and we just sat down for a conversation about archery in general, our home club of Paget and anything else we happened to talk about. I hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording it. Links to Ollie's Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube channel and Etsy store can be found here:






Shire Bowmen Roving Marks (Reborn) can be found here:


The JustGiving page for the charity that Chloe volunteers with in Swadlincote can be found here:


The Beauforts, who John mentioned can be found here:



And last but not least, Kevin Hicks YouTube channel, The History Squad, can be found here:





Episode 43 - Liberty, Limb Splinters & Playing With Fat Shafts


Welcome back to the podcast with Episode 43. In this episode I look back at the Liberty Archers weekend, a day spent with Alex at Hybrid Archery, a British International Bowhunters  meet and the Briar Rose open shoot. I'm also waiting to hear from Merlin Archery about a warranty claim on the limbs for the Kuma where I've had splinters lift. I finally got the Skylon Empros made up and got to fling some fat shafts, Huge thanks to Tim Connor for his permission to use his monologue from a video that he posted on the Elkshape YouTube channel.

Tim's Instagram account can be found here :


And the video featuring the monologue can be found here :


Alex and Hybrid Archery can be found here :



Episode 42 - Field Archery, Arrow Flight, St Joes River Bows Exorcisms and Consecrated Alsatian Pee With Coach Angel Garcia


Welcome to Episode 42 where we go Trans Atlantic and I'm joined by coach Angel Garcia from New York for an extended 2 hour edition where we discuss field archery, cuts, arrow flight, release technique, St Joes River Bows and everything in between and finish up discussing exorcising archery demons and consecrated Alsatian pee from South Bend, Indiana. Apologies for a couple of audio glitches but I hope you enjoy listening to the the episode as much as we did recording it,

Episode 41 - New Binoculars, Arrow Shafts And My First EFAA Shoot


Welcome to Episode 41. In this episode I venture to my first official EFAA shoot, the Bowhunter Championships held at Woodend Farm Complex in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire, treat myself to some new 23/64 arrow shafts and invest in a pair of Vortex binoculars. I vent at oil companies and cheats within the archery community

Skylon Empros Arrows From The Archers Nest



Vortex Diamonback HD10 x 50 From The Archery Company



Episode 40 - Realisations, Improvements And New Gear On The Way


After not recording for longer than I anticipated I've finally managed to get another episode recorded. I decided to record this one with no notes to refer to and just sit down with cigarettes, cider and a brain full of cuss words and record. I look at improvements in my shot execution, the difference being around positive people makes and  I;ve got some new arrow shafts on the way.

Episode 39 - Bow Set Up, Growing Archery And Standing United With Special Guest Angel Garcia Of High Power Archery


Welcome to Episode 39. In this episode I'm extremely honoured to be joined by Angel Garcia of High Power Archery. Angel is a USA Archery level 3 coach, an archer and bowhunter of more than 40 years experience and a Hunters Ed instructor for the state of New York.We talk initial bow set up, bringing new blood into archery and standing united to grow shooting sports and hunting. Links to where you can find Angel are listed below.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HighPowerArcher/

Website - https://www.highpowerarchery.com/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/highpowerarchery/

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6WmNrw5VQLXUWiMKAnh5Ra

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/highpowerarchery



Episode 38 -Guesting On The High Power Archery & Offcenter Archers Podcasts New Hotness For The Kuma, & My First Precision 3D Round


Welcome back. In this episode I'm back after being a guest on the Highpower Archery and Offcenter Archers podcasts. I've got some awesome new threads on the Kuma thanks to Nick & Shayla Dawa at Unbound Archery in Kansas and I shot my first precision 3D round at Whitemark Bowmen.

You can find Unbound Archery here https://www.unboundarchery.com/

HighPower Archery Podcast https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/tkjk4-c10b9/High-Power-Archery-Podcast

Offcenter Archers https://offcenterarchers.podbean.com/ 

Episode 37 - Richard Lissaman of Turning Back The Clock


In this episode I'm joined by Richard Lissaman of Turning Back The Clock. We discuss his journey back into weight loss and fitness, how he became involved with archery and his plans for Turning Back The Clock in 2022.  It was my first face to face interview for the Podcast and we had a great time recording it.

Richard's social media links are listed below




TikTok - @richardlissaman


I'd also like to say a big thank you to Trad Sniper from Instagram for his very kind words about the podcast and sage advice. You can follow Trad Sniper here https://www.instagram.com/trad_sniper/


Episode 36 - Getting Back In Control & Practicing With Purpose


Welcome to episode 36. In this episode I'm attempting to get back into controlling my eating and starting to exercise regularly again and I discuss a crucial new step that I've added to my shot cycle in an attempt to improve my accuracy and consistency ready to start shooting EFAA.

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