Episode 39 - Bow Set Up, Growing Archery And Standing United With Special Guest Angel Garcia Of High Power Archery


Welcome to Episode 39. In this episode I'm extremely honoured to be joined by Angel Garcia of High Power Archery. Angel is a USA Archery level 3 coach, an archer and bowhunter of more than 40 years experience and a Hunters Ed instructor for the state of New York.We talk initial bow set up, bringing new blood into archery and standing united to grow shooting sports and hunting. Links to where you can find Angel are listed below.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HighPowerArcher/

Website - https://www.highpowerarchery.com/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/highpowerarchery/

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6WmNrw5VQLXUWiMKAnh5Ra

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/highpowerarchery



Episode 38 -Guesting On The High Power Archery & Offcenter Archers Podcasts New Hotness For The Kuma, & My First Precision 3D Round


Welcome back. In this episode I'm back after being a guest on the Highpower Archery and Offcenter Archers podcasts. I've got some awesome new threads on the Kuma thanks to Nick & Shayla Dawa at Unbound Archery in Kansas and I shot my first precision 3D round at Whitemark Bowmen.

You can find Unbound Archery here https://www.unboundarchery.com/

HighPower Archery Podcast https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/tkjk4-c10b9/High-Power-Archery-Podcast

Offcenter Archers https://offcenterarchers.podbean.com/ 

Episode 37 - Richard Lissaman of Turning Back The Clock


In this episode I'm joined by Richard Lissaman of Turning Back The Clock. We discuss his journey back into weight loss and fitness, how he became involved with archery and his plans for Turning Back The Clock in 2022.  It was my first face to face interview for the Podcast and we had a great time recording it.

Richard's social media links are listed below




TikTok - @richardlissaman


I'd also like to say a big thank you to Trad Sniper from Instagram for his very kind words about the podcast and sage advice. You can follow Trad Sniper here https://www.instagram.com/trad_sniper/


Episode 36 - Getting Back In Control & Practicing With Purpose


Welcome to episode 36. In this episode I'm attempting to get back into controlling my eating and starting to exercise regularly again and I discuss a crucial new step that I've added to my shot cycle in an attempt to improve my accuracy and consistency ready to start shooting EFAA.

Episode 35 - EFAA, Is The Government Coming For Crossbows & The UK Gets A Darton Dealer


Happy new year to you all. In this, the first episode of 2022 I talk about a review of UK crossbow laws ordered by Pritti Patel, I'm pleased to announce that the UK has a Darton Archery dealer with Ryan from The Archers Nest in Shropshire becoming the first official dealer in the UK and I've joined the English Field Archery Association in my quest to improve my archery.


The Archers Nest



English Field Archery Association


Episode 34 - Don‘t Shoot The Worm


I'm back with Episode 34. We've had a bit of a crazy weekend with Storm Arwen giving us high winds and our first snowfall of the coming winter. I broke out the Mandarin Duck Black Hunter trad bow to shoot the Racoon Shoot at Paget and finally got a sight tape sorted for the Turkey Shoot at Liberty Archers. Listen in to find out how I got on.

Episode 33 - My First Yoga Class, Cheap Vs Expensive Arrow Shaft Comparison & New Fletching Toys On The Way


In this latest episode I have attended my first yoga class with Say Yes To Yoga and thoroughly enjoyed it. I do a quick comparison between Skylon Instec, Easton Axis and Victory RIP TKO arrow shafts which range in price from £48 per dozen to £144 per dozen and I've got an addition to my Bohning Helix Tower fletching jig on its way direct from Bohning in Lake City, Michigan. 

You can find Chelsea's website here - https://sayyestoyoga.co.uk/

And John's IG profile here - https://www.instagram.com/mercian_bocquet/?hl=en-gb


Episode 32 - Postponements, Cancellations & Falling Off The Wagon


Welcome back. After an unintended sabbatical of around 4 months I'm back. In this new episode I discuss where I've been and what's been happening, including the postponement of 2 trips abroad and the cancellation of my favourite 3D shoot of the year. I look at the stalling of my fitness journey and a rediscovered energy and focus in my shooting practice. I also recount freeing a trapped deer in the middle of a Norfolk village early on a Sunday morning.

Episode 31 - Admitting You’re Not One Of The Cool Kids


Welcome back to the podcast and Episode 31. In this episode I have to face the fact that I'm not one of the cool kids and that I'm simply not consistent enough with a handheld release so I'm back to the old wrist rocket. I have some new budget arrow shafts on the way for shooting 3D and I have a new, very not budget friendly arrow rest on the Kuma. I discover the lengths that Ryan at The Archers Nest goes to in order to supply wooden arrow shooters with the most consistent shafts that he can.

Ryan's website can be found here


The Archers Nest Facebook Page can be found here


The Archery Company website can be found here



Episode 30 - Yoga, Codpieces & Chasing Dreams


Welcome back to Episode 30 where I have a conversation with Chelsea and Mark Brownridge. Regular listeners will have heard me talk about Chelsea in earlier episodes in relation to her being a yogini. We talk about everything from yoga to coffee, beer to chasing dreams and medieval re-enactment (including the venerable codpiece) to Mark's digestive system and how it responds to copious amounts of German meat. Links to the various subjects that we talked about are listed below.









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