Episode 24 - The Tipsy Christmas Cast


This is just a short episode to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year and to say thank you for your support. As the title suggests, it was recorded while under the influence of Jack Daniels and Coke :D We have a little musical interlude courtesy of Jeffro's Dirty Country Songs and a quick mention of some new goodies being released by TruBall Axcel. Apologies for the drop in audio quality towards the end, the joys of recording while tipsy. I'd like to say a special thank you to Rob Jones at Off The Arrow Shelf, Anthony and Stephanie at The Offcenter Archers and Lance Shaw. 

Episode 23 - The Kuma’s Coming Home!


In this episode I've had some good news from The Archery Shack. After all the chasing that they've done for me, the final parts for the Kuma have arrived with them. I discuss how close I came to falling off the wagon on my weight loss journey and start looking at how I'm going to get razor sharp broadheads when I go to Texas.

Episode 22 - I Peeled My First Deer & An Attitude Of Gratitude


Welcome back to the podcast. In this episode I skinned my first deer, I've had an update on the Kuma and I'm closer to deciding on my arrow choice to take to Texas. I take a dive into the reported benefits of having an attitude of gratitude in life and it's possible effects on health, wellbeing and performance.

Episode 21 - Rants and Lockdowns


In this episode the UK is about to go into a second national lockdown, I get put through an NFAS assessment and I look at how some newcomers to archery have been treated on social media. 

Episode 20 - Rampant Ramblings


Well, I've made it to Episode 20. In this episode I vent my frustrations at Bear Archery, talk about some of the YouTube resources that I've found most useful to me, have a quick look at the perils of sitting for extended periods of time and give you a quick update on how my weight loss is going.

Episode 19 - Down The Rabbit Hole Of Choosing Hunting Arrows For Texas & To Coach Or Not To Coach?


In this episode I go through my thought process for deciding on a hunting arrow to take to Texas with me next year. The specifications I'm hoping to achieve and the thought process that's helping me to decide which arrow and broadhead combination to go with. I'm also giving very serious thought to undertaking the NFAS coaching course.

Episode 18 - The Club Championship & Starting To Plan For The Trip To Texas


In this episode I discuss my performance in my scoring rounds of the club championship at Paget and how Covid-19 has affected how we shoot the competition and I also delve into my initial thoughts on planning my trip to Texas with one of my listeners to bowhunt hogs next year.

Episode 17 - The British International Bowhunters & Cold Soaked Oats


In this episode, I look back at the weekend meet up held by The British International Bowhunters in Norfolk and try a breakfast recommended to me by Simon Thomas https://www.instagram.com/ramblingarcher/ I seem to use the word amazing a stupid amount of times in this episode so the weekend was obviously amazing.

Episode 16 - The Kuma Is In South Carolina, Bohning X3 Vanes & A Look Into Why We Over Eat


In this episode my Bear Kuma has made it across the Atlantic to The Archery Shack in South Carolina for repair, I've got some arrows fletched with the 2.25" Bohning X3 vanes and after listening to a podcast from The Art of Manliness I discover why we over eat in an attempt to keep my weight loss on track after a week of struggling with my food intake.

Episode 15 - Sharing The Love, Another Weight Loss Goal Reached & The Heath McDonald Go Fund Me


After a fairly quiet week for me I hit a weight loss goal and take the time to thank those who have supported my efforts so far and talk about the Go Fund Me page started by the guys at The Wobbly Arrow Podcast for Heath McDonald of Young Guns Archery to assist in his ongoing battle with cancer. This is the link to the page - https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-heath039s-fight-with-cancer

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