Episode 32 - Postponements, Cancellations & Falling Off The Wagon


Welcome back. After an unintended sabbatical of around 4 months I'm back. In this new episode I discuss where I've been and what's been happening, including the postponement of 2 trips abroad and the cancellation of my favourite 3D shoot of the year. I look at the stalling of my fitness journey and a rediscovered energy and focus in my shooting practice. I also recount freeing a trapped deer in the middle of a Norfolk village early on a Sunday morning.

Episode 31 - Admitting You’re Not One Of The Cool Kids


Welcome back to the podcast and Episode 31. In this episode I have to face the fact that I'm not one of the cool kids and that I'm simply not consistent enough with a handheld release so I'm back to the old wrist rocket. I have some new budget arrow shafts on the way for shooting 3D and I have a new, very not budget friendly arrow rest on the Kuma. I discover the lengths that Ryan at The Archers Nest goes to in order to supply wooden arrow shooters with the most consistent shafts that he can.

Ryan's website can be found here


The Archers Nest Facebook Page can be found here


The Archery Company website can be found here



Episode 30 - Yoga, Codpieces & Chasing Dreams


Welcome back to Episode 30 where I have a conversation with Chelsea and Mark Brownridge. Regular listeners will have heard me talk about Chelsea in earlier episodes in relation to her being a yogini. We talk about everything from yoga to coffee, beer to chasing dreams and medieval re-enactment (including the venerable codpiece) to Mark's digestive system and how it responds to copious amounts of German meat. Links to the various subjects that we talked about are listed below.









Episode 29 - Learning To Process Deer, Archery Clubs Reopening And The Bowmar Nose Button


It's been a while since I recorded the last episode, but I'm back! Large as life and twice as gobby. In this episode I discuss a deer processing course I attended, talk about getting back to shooting in the woods with a new shooting accessory sourced for me by The Off Center Archers and Shooting Skulls and I offer my opinion on the Bowmar Nose Button, so join me for my uncoordinated witterings. 

Episode 28 - Bareshaft Tuning Continues, The Curse Of The Kuma Strikes Again & New Reading Material From A Friend In Colorado.


After a couple of weeks of sub zero temperatures, I finally got to start bareshaft tuning the Victory RIP TKO's with the Ethics Archery components. A friend in Colorado sent me some new reading material and the Curse of the Kuma strikes again.

Episode 27 - Tough Times, The Loss Of A Friend & Paper Tuning Commences


It's been 3 weeks since my last episode and the UK's third national lockdown has started to have a negative effect on me. This hasn't been made any easier by the loss of a friend and clubmate to Covid. I discuss my struggle with staying focused on my goals but relief was offered by finally getting my paper tuner put together and starting work on my hunting arrows. Bareshaft tuning through paper has got me both excited and nervous but shooting bareshafts through paper is something that I'm going to continue to do as a training aid.

Episode 26 -My First Guest, Simon Thomas - A Mammoth Recording


In this episode I'm joined by my very first guest, friend and fellow archer Simon Thomas. Simon shoots a variety of classes in NFAS, all non-sighted and he enjoys diving down the arrow rabbit hole possibly even more than I do. Join us as we sit down for a chat via Zoom due to current Covid restrictions in the UK about how we first met, Simon's wooden arrow building technique, my planned trip to Texas and a plethora of archery related subjects that we just rambled through. This is a long episode at over 2 and a half hours. I was planning to release this as 2 episodes but there were no natural break points so you get it in its entirety. You can find Simon on social media at instagram.com/ramblingarcher/

Episode 25 - Starting The New Year The Right Way


Well, I've made it to the quarter century! I hope you've all had a good Christmas and New Year. I had 2 weeks off work R&R and indulged in the pig and fish diet so I'm dreading getting on the scales.  I'm back exercising now and eating clean again. The majority of the components have now arrived to start working on the Texas hunting arrow build so I go through the process I'll be using to build my perfect hunting arrow. The Kuma has been back in the country since December 27th but it's still sat waiting to clear customs in Coventry.

Episode 24 - The Tipsy Christmas Cast


This is just a short episode to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year and to say thank you for your support. As the title suggests, it was recorded while under the influence of Jack Daniels and Coke :D We have a little musical interlude courtesy of Jeffro's Dirty Country Songs and a quick mention of some new goodies being released by TruBall Axcel. Apologies for the drop in audio quality towards the end, the joys of recording while tipsy. I'd like to say a special thank you to Rob Jones at Off The Arrow Shelf, Anthony and Stephanie at The Offcenter Archers and Lance Shaw. 

Episode 23 - The Kuma’s Coming Home!


In this episode I've had some good news from The Archery Shack. After all the chasing that they've done for me, the final parts for the Kuma have arrived with them. I discuss how close I came to falling off the wagon on my weight loss journey and start looking at how I'm going to get razor sharp broadheads when I go to Texas.

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